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i-SAFE Knowledge Base

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When I try to register online at www.isafe.org, the pull-down window listing states does not include an entry for either DoDEA Pacific, Europe or United States. How do I select an entry for DoDEA Pacific, Europe or United States in the pull-down window?

The quantities of i-SAFE materials pre-ordered for us are not adequate to meet our needs; may we order additional materials?

We need additional Scantron forms. Can we simply copy more forms of the assessments and surveys or do we need to order more copies directly from i-SAFE?

Is a pre-assessment for the Professional Development Program available online? Where can I find it?

I haven't been able to find the Success Plan mentioned in the Mandatory Forms Section. Can you tell me where to find it?

Why doesn't Webcast 5 (for grades 9—12) have pre- or post-assessments available online?

What is the Delayed Follow-up test? Where does it fit into the curriculum? I did not see it in the curriculum, yet it is posted with the online assessments.

As classes are completing i-SAFE lessons, is it necessary to send in the Classroom Record immediately or may I collect them and send a bundle of them at a later time?