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i-SAFE Knowledge Base

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How do I register for an event?

How do I update my personal information or edit my event's details?

It won't allow me to change my event details from my “My Info” Page. How do I make these changes?

I was told to register for event #55555 within 10 days after a training session. I do not see where to register on this site.

It has been more than ten days since my training. How can I register and get credit for my training?

What is the difference between public events and invitation-only events?

There is an invite-only event on your calendar. Is there anyway I can contact the person conducting it so I can be invited?

How will I receive my materials and for what length of time will I be able to access downloadable materials from my Personal Page?

Can i-SAFE come to my school to conduct a Training, Parent Night or Assembly?

What services do we get with a paid i-SAFE event?

I scheduled an event, but I need to cancel it. How can I go about doing this?

I registered to attend an event, but now I cannot. How can I unregister?