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i-SAFE Knowledge Base

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How do I register for an event?

Do I need to submit an implementation plan when I already have materials?

How do I Submit an Implementation Plan?

I want to do several types of training. Should I make a separate Implementation Plan for each organization or audience I want to train or present to?

Do I have to submit an IP thru the i-LEARN site or can I submit it thru the regular IP site?

I submitted my CLI IP from within the i-Learn Online domain but did not get mailed materials! How can I get the Cyber Bullying DVD or the Webcast DVD?

Our students will not be able to complete the assessments. Will this prevent me from using or implementing the i-SAFE curriculum?

How do I begin Implementation of the i-SAFE Program?

My school is on a rotation schedule and will implement the i-SAFE program through our computer lab so all of our students can go through i-SAFE instruction. Your system allows me to complete an IP for only 6 months. How do I submit my IP?

Is there a sequence to implementing the i-SAFE program? What lessons do I teach if I can't implement the whole program?

I completed the Implementation Plan but have not received my materials yet.

I am creating an Implementation Plan, but when I select “Classroom Instruction” my school is not listed. How can I have my school added so that I can continue with my Plan?

I submitted my Classroom Instruction and I was on a page that allowed me to download the materials. How can I get back to that page?

I am associated with more than just one school and I want to implement classroom instruction for our teachers. I did not find the name of my (District; Intermediary Educational Service; Community Center; Health Agency; University or College) on your list of schools. Do you have a district implementation?

Our District has many schools, and we would like to implement the i-SAFE program. I need the K-12 curriculum lessons (to copy for my staff or teachers in our district; to preview with my superiors prior to accepting the program, etc.). Can I purchase the curriculum?