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Do you have materials in Spanish?

How will I receive my materials and for what length of time will I be able to access downloadable materials from my Personal Page?

When will I receive my materials for classroom instruction?

I completed the Implementation Plan but have not received my materials yet.

I want the curriculum but I am not a teacher (I am a District Administrator / Regional Representative).

How often are your curriculum and webcasts updated?

Why won't my PDP DVD play on my PC?

I submitted my Classroom Instruction and I was on a page that allowed me to download the materials. How can I get back to that page?

Our District has many schools, and we would like to implement the i-SAFE program. I need the K-12 curriculum lessons (to copy for my staff or teachers in our district; to preview with my superiors prior to accepting the program, etc.). Can I purchase the curriculum?

I received the i-PARENT CD, but it doesn't work on my Mac. How do I fix this?