Newsletter | July 2017

A Letter from the Editor

Hello iDrive Agent!

My name is Miranda, and I’m happy to introduce myself as the Editor of the iDrive Newsletter. I work with a group of teens in Southern California to empower teens around the nation and inform them of important current events. Today’s newsletter includes an introduction to myself and the team, an explanation of the purpose and mission of iDrive, and an article on the recent Snapchat update.

We are teens, just like you, who want to make a real difference in the world, so we have decided to put our skills and talents into action and encourage you to do the same. We welcome all of you, from across the nation, as iDrive Agents of change your own community. We want you to get to know us a bit more, so we’ve created this short video for you:

Positive change begins with you! Forward this message through e-mail or share the link on social media. (Click “Join the Movement” to grab the sharable link.)


iDrive is Youth Voice…Amplified

As members of the iDrive team, our goal is to represent the voice of our generation. Together, we form a community of teens from all walks of life; teens that work together to raise awareness of the issues and challenges that we face while living in a technology-driven world. We provide a platform where you discover what “drives you,” and then act on your initiative in order to make a positive change in your community--whether locally or globally. No matter how you choose to carry out your campaign or initiative, the iDrive team is here to encourage you and help your project reach success. Do you have a passion for writing? Express your thoughts on an issue by writing and submitting a blog post to iDrive! Perhaps you are a musician. Compose a song about a challenge that you face, such as cyber bullying, how you’ve overcome the situation, and implement it into a PSA. Are you interested in drama or acting? Produce a short play or dramatization that brings attention to an issue you care about. As you accomplish your mission, the iDrive community is here to amplify your voice on the issues that matter to you the most.

Share your production with the iDrive community to join forces with other youth from across the nation. If you’re already active on social media, promote your cause through Instagram or Twitter! Don’t forget to follow iDrive on Instagram and Twitter @idrive_live and share your social campaign with us!


Calling All Agents!

We believe that raising awareness is the first step to making a change. Once you become an iDrive Agent, you can take action to address the issues that you care about. Use our iDrive Toolkit to guide you through steps to form your campaign, project or initiative. We have also provided some suggestions of recent hot topics based on feedback from our community. Issues and challenges include gender equality, cyber bullying, body image, and social stereotypes. Use the Get Things Started page for more ideas and guides to help you make a change. Then, Pitch Your Initiative to the iDrive team. Recruit more Agents! Build a team by reaching out to your group of friends at school and in your local community. You can start by sharing this message through e-mail, text and social media. Once you have pitched your initiative to iDrive and formed your plan, it’s time to activate your awareness campaign! Inform others of the real-world problems impacting the world. Make sure you conduct your iDrive campaigns and initiatives safely and responsibly.

Stay informed of iDrive campaigns and initiatives by subscribing to the iDrive Newsletter and following us on social media on Instagram and Twitter @idrive_live.
Must be 13 years of age to register as an iDrive Agent and participate in social media campaigns.

Here at iDrive, we want our initiatives to be relevant to what’s happening in the world right now. What’s relevant to you? Let us know! Click on the link below and send us your ideas.


Make a Big Impact on the World

through the iDrive Student Advisory Board


Many teens have an issue they are passionate about, but, unfortunately, don’t have the support or resources to take action. Our Student Advisory Board is the perfect platform for your large scale initiatives. We are looking for eleven members and one chairperson for our Advisory Board for the 2017-2018 school year. The most important requirement is just “to care and want to make a difference.” Board members hold their positions for one year and attend monthly virtual meetings with other teens from across the country. Student Advisors are leaders in their region that work together help facilitate change, online and offline. By the way, membership on the iDrive Student Advisory Board looks great in applications for scholarships and colleges.

Find out more information or submit your application, to be a board member, here.


iDrive Initiative: Human Trafficking in the U.S.

Many teens and adults are unaware that human trafficking is a serious problem that affects teens in America, so our nationwide initiative on human trafficking aims to raise awareness in neighborhoods across all 50 states. You can raise awareness of human trafficking, too. Discover more about i-SAFE’s Human Trafficking Initiative.

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