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An i-SAFE Agent is a student between 13-18 who is driven to make a difference. Agents come from all walks of life. They bring awareness to real-world issues by taking part in iDrive campaigns. Support can be as simple as sharing a post on social media or inviting a friend to become an Agent. More committed efforts include: organizing a school assembly, forming a campus club, or volunteering in the local community. Agents can also contribute their skills and talents to iDrive efforts as writers, photographers, video producers, artists, musicians, app developers, and subject matter experts. Agents share their stories with members in the iDrive community.

As an Agent, you can inspire change in your community in so many ways. No action is too big or too small. Support a cause that you feel passionate about based on the amount of time you have and what you can do to help.

What Agents Do:

  • Join the iDrive movement. Become a member
  • Grow the community. Invite others to join
  • Share campaign posts on Instagram and Facebook
  • Participate in local events and initiatives
  • Send new campaign ideas to the Student Advisory Board
  • Volunteer your skills to support campaign efforts
  • Show what you are doing in your neighborhood

How to Join

Registration is easy. Sign up to be notified of upcoming campaigns and events. We ask for your school name so we can connect you with your local iDrive Advisory Board Member. Give us a shout-out! Share your ideas for causes that matter to you most. Together, we can make it happen.

Agent Registration

Students under the age of 13 are not qualified to participate in i-SAFE Ventures activities that use any social networking services without parental permission. Be advised: i-SAFE Ventures is not affiliated with Instagram, nor does i-SAFE guarantee, or validate any products or services offered by Instagram. Defer to Instagram Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before providing personal or identifying information.

    This form is for people 13 years old and above. People 12 years old or younger may NOT enter personal information in these data fields or contact i-SAFE directly. Ask your teacher or a parent to help.

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