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A Letter from the Editor

Hello iDrive Agent!

When I first started high school, I vividly recall the stress and sleepless nights that my senior-year friends experienced as they approached college application season. The sudden realization that their futures depended on immediate action was a real wake-up call, so instead of spending their breaks laying back and relaxing in their spare time, they scurried to meet deadlines by writing essays and applying for scholarships and colleges. Now, as a rising senior, I want to share with our iDrive community some valuable information and tips to be College Ready. I encourage you to take some time to research, set goals and plan in order to set yourself up for success even if you are in the ninth and tenth grade--and especially in your junior and senior year. The key is to start early, whether you plan to enter the workforce, trade school, two-year college or four-year university, get yourself ready for life beyond graduation.

In this edition, you will discover what colleges seek in their applicants and how you can ensure that you--and your online persona--are college-ready. Not planning on going to a four-year university or college? You’ll want to read anyways so that you may help out a friend. Plus, your social media presence might impact your job prospects! (...more on that in the next edition of the College and Career Readiness series). In our iDrive Agent column, you will also learn how you can you can build a positive online presence as social media champion. You’ll also hear from our iDrive Student Advisory Board regarding our upcoming September social media campaign during Teen Suicide Prevention Week (9/10-16).


In this Edition:

  1. Featured Article - College Ready: What You Need to Know About College Admissions

    High school seniors are embarking on the 2017-2018 school year with the finish line in sight. Whether you are planning to go to college or entering the workforce, you will want to take a look at this article. You’ll learn how your social media actions today can either help or hurt your postsecondary plans. Go To Article →

    College Ready: What You Need to Know - Academic Grades
    College Ready: What You Need to Know - College Admissions Exams
    College Ready: What You Need to Know - Essays and Extracurriculars
    College Ready: What You Need to Know - Social Media & College Admission
  2. iDrive Agents: How to Be a Social Media Champion

    What can you do as an iDrive Agent? Become a Social Media Champion! Your participation in iDrive social media campaigns and initiatives not only helps raise awareness of important issues, it helps you to build the type of positive online presence that colleges (and future employers) seek. Go To Article →

    How to Be a Social Media Champion - Amplify Your Voice
    How to Be a Social Media Champion - Gain Visibility on Instagram
    How to Be a Social Media Champion - Going Viral on Twitter
    How to Be a Social Media Champion - Expand the Facebook Community
  3. iDrive Student Advisory Board: Teen Suicide Prevention Week 9/10-16

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iDrive Student Advisory Board: Teen Suicide Prevention Week 9/10-16

Coming up, September 10-16, is Teen Suicide Prevention Week. Tragically, teen suicide has become an immense and growing issue, and in recent years, it has entered the public eye. However, more can always be done to prevent teen suicide and to recognize signs of depression before anything drastic is done. That’s why the iDrive Student Advisory Board is launching this awareness campaign.

“U are part of US” is a social media campaign that addresses teen hopelessness, depression and the feeling of isolation that drives young people to make an irreversible decision. The mission of this campaign takes a positive approach by reminding teens that they are valuable, irreplaceable and unique. Most importantly, they are reminded of the friends, family members and classmates that care about them. Our vision is to prevent teen suicide by bringing hope, light and a sense of belonging to teens all around the world through the power of social media. Find out why this topic really hits home with our iDrive Student Advisory Board. Go To Article →

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