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Angeleck Allen


My name is Angeleck Allen and I go to California State University, San Marcos. My major is Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. Once I graduate, I hope to either go into public relations or marketing for a company whose mission I’m passionate about. At i-SAFE, I am the Campaign Coordinator/Social Media Intern. My role includes researching topics of interest and social conversation among teen demographic related to i-SAFE’s mission, monitoring engagement on i-SAFE’s social platforms, and developing campaigns. I hope to build i-SAFE’s social media platforms so more parents, students, and teachers are able to access the information and support they need. I also hope to execute successful campaigns that engage teens and motivate them to make a change. i-SAFE has brought many issues to my attention, including cyber bullying, identity theft, and human trafficking. I’ve become very passionate and knowledgeable about these issues during my duration at i-SAFE. I would tell the iDrive audience to find something they are passionate about and take action to do something about it. No action is ever too small and even one person can make a difference.

John Max Hage


My name is John Max Hage and I go to California State University, San Marcos. My major is Mass Media. After graduation, I hope to go into a marketing position for a company where I can work in a creative capacity. At i-SAFE, I am the Content and Community Development Social Media Intern. My responsibilities include developing written content for our social media pages, executing social media actions in accordance with our campaign calendar, and developing video content for our campaigns. In this position, I hope to create engaging content that will inspire students to take action on issues that concern them. Too often, students choose apathy over action and don’t heed the warnings until it is too late. I hope to reverse this trend by developing content that makes students actually stop and think, rather than dismiss it as just another lecture. I have always been very passionate about issues related to kids, which is one of the main things that drew me to i-SAFE. I am glad to work for a company dedicated to improving the lives of students and helping them stay safe. I believe that no task is impossible to complete, as long as there is at least one person always willing to fight for it. Find whatever it is you want to fight for and be willing to be the last person fighting for it.


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