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iDrive Chapter Registration

In order to create an iDrive Chapter, you will need an Advisor to support you in this venture. Your Advisor must be an adult staff member at your school or in your organization. Once you have selected your Advisor, follow the steps necessary to establish your iDrive Chapter as a school club or embed iDrive within your existing club or organization.

Visit our iDrive FAQs for more information.

    This form is for people 13 years old and above. People 12 years old or younger may NOT enter personal information in these data fields or contact i-SAFE directly. Ask your teacher or a parent to help.

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    iDrive Agent Advisor Information

    Please include the name(s) and contact information of the iDrive Chapter Advisor.

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    Form an iDrive Agent Team

    Your iDrive Chapter may focus on a single issue that affecting your school and community or form multiple iDrive Agent Teams in order to tackle various issues that matter to you.

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