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About #WhatsYour17: Take the Challenge

Published on March 14, 2018 by in Blog, Newsletter

About #WhatsYour17: Take the Challenge


#WhatsYour17 is a 17-day challenge that aims to reduce school violence by ending social isolation on campus thereby making schools a more welcoming place.


Social isolation is an underlying cause for many problems that affect students—including acts of violence that take innocent lives. Acts of kindness have the power to change the way that students feel about themselves, their peers and their school by transforming their campus into a more welcoming, inclusive place.

How it Started

#WhatsYour17 started when a student, during a classroom discussion about school protests suggested that students honor the 17 victims of the Florida shooting by making 17 new friends. The teacher created a post about the classroom conversation on Facebook, and the #WhatsYour17 campaign went viral.

Here are some suggestions made by the students that created the #WhatsYour17 campaign:

  • Make friends with 17 kids you normally wouldn’t.
  • Smile at 17 new people.
  • Say a kind word to 17 people who might be in need of encouragement or a listening ear.
  • Open up your heart to 17 people who might be hurting.
  • Offer friendship to 17 people who might have none.

Basic Steps for #WhatsYour17:

  1. Pledge to carry out an act of kindness for 17 days; one day for every life taken in Parkland, Florida.
  2. Document each day with a post or video on social media using the hashtag #WhatsYour17. Be sure to follow school social media guidelines and use digital etiquette.
    Tip: Some students are creating video challenges for their classmates describing specific acts of kindness for each of the 17 days.
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  4. Amplify your voice! Share your #WhatsYour17 challenge videos and posts with iDrive.
  5. Encourage your friends and classmates to take the challenge and spread the message.
  6. Get your school leaders involved to make a big impact on campus and in your community!

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