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How to Be a Social Media Champion – Amplify Your Voice

How to Be a Social Media Champion – Amplify Your Voice

We, at iDrive, understand that everyone can make a difference, and social media is a great way to get started as a changemaker. Are you already on social media? Start by following iDrive on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Like and comment to show support for iDrive campaigns. Help make the movement to go viral. Share posts with the followers that you’ve already established in your social network. Insider Tip: when you share a post with your friends, write your own personalized message. Your followers will be more likely to join the movement by sharing the post with others–especially since it’s coming from you.

How to Be an iDrive Social Media Champion

Here’s a breakdown of how you can raise your voice with us across multiple social media platforms:

  1. Follow iDrive on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
  2. Like, comment and share iDrive’s posts with your own social network.
  3. Tag iDrive in your posts that show how you are affecting positive change.
  4. Invite your friends to join iDrive on social media.
  5. Share iDrive campaign posts on one platform (like Instagram) to another (such as Twitter or Facebook).

iDrive Agent Tips: Creating Social Media Campaigns

Hey, social media champion! Want some inside tips on creating viral content?

  1. Attention-grabbing graphics. Not many people want to read a block of text or pay attention to a short text tweet. Create a graphic with a campaign slogan and design theme.
  2. Emotional appeal. People are interested in things that make them feel something. Include an images and “word pictures” that evoke surprise, empathy, sense of solidarity–something that triggers a sense of shared identity.
  3. Statistics. Consider beginning your post with statistics that captures the attention of your audience and raises concerned about your issue.
  4. Hashtags. Hashtags are your friend! Check which ones are trending and choose ones that are relevant to your topic and incorporate them into your post. Hashtags increase the chances that people — especially those with lots of followers — who don’t yet follow your social media campaign will see and share your posts.
  5. Call to action. Now that someone has read your post, what can they do to help further your cause? Perhaps it is making their own post, sharing your post, or simply following iDrive on social media to stay informed of current events and initiatives that matter to us as teens living in a technology-based society.

As a social media champion, iDrive wants to hear from you!

Want to start your own iDrive campaign or have a topic that you want iDrive to address? Send us a direct message on social media or send an e-mail at advisoryboard@isafe.org

Want to contribute social media content to future iDrive campaigns? Submit your application to join the iDrive Student Advisory Board here: http://www.idrivetvonline.com/get-involved/student-advisory-board-member

Are you reading this article, but you’re not yet an iDrive Agent? Sign up here: http://www.idrivetvonline.com/get-involved/become-an-agent

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