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iDrive Student Advisory Board: October Happenings

Published on September 29, 2017 by in Blog, Newsletter

iDrive Student Advisory Board: October Happenings

October is here! The season of pumpkins, candy corn, and spooky excitement is upon us. But did you know that October is also filled with important awareness months? Our Student Advisory Board is focused on two issues that matter to teens across the U.S. and around the world: Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Bullying Awareness and Prevention.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

You might be thinking “Really, cyber security?” We get it. Cyber security may not seem like something that teens should really worry about, but in reality, we are prime targets of identity theft. The smartphones that we carry in our pockets and the apps that we use daily are a real treat, but criminals have a big bag of tricks that they use to hack into our devices, steal our personal information to sell it on the dark Web. Mobile malware threatens our digital devices and our data, and free public Wi-Fi gives thieves easy access to our digital goods. Since our phones are almost always by our sides, we need to know how to keep our information safe, secure and out of the devious hands of criminals. That’s why the iDrive Student Advisory Board is asking you to join forces and get teens’ attention on this issue by spreading the message on social media and sharing the links to our iDrive blog.

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Psst! Did you know that the Cyber Security workforce is in high demand of skilled professionals? Jobs in this career path have high-paying potential, and positions are more attainable that you might think. More on this in the upcoming iDrive Edition.

Cyber Bullying Awareness & Prevention Month

October is Cyber Bullying Awareness & Prevention Month. Last month, in September, iDrive Agents sent positive and heartfelt messages to those that are struggling with mental health during Teen Suicide Prevention Week. Thank you to all who joined the movement. You are #PartofUs. Given the link between social media, cyberbullying and mental health, we’ve decided to keep the momentum going by making our Featured Article: Social Media & Teen Mental Health the focus of our first October edition. In this article, you’ll discover the correlation that psychologists make between the increased use of smartphones and social media and the decline in teen mental health. For example, online shaming is a real problem in our digital culture. Find out what mental health experts say about technology, teen self-image, depression and suicide, and what you can do to help.

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